Are you right for BloomTree?

We know BloomTree is great for our clients but we think it's pretty great for agents, too.  

We want our agents to succeed, and we think it’s our job to help you do that. 

Everything that we've built here to make sure our clients are well taken care of makes BloomTree Realty a perfect place to build your real estate business.   We believe that the best way to make sure our clients get top-notch service is to bring on and support top-notch agents, but there's even more to it than that.  A lot of companies talk about "culture" but here at BloomTree we have an amazing one.  Our group is very positive and supportive, helpful, and team oriented whether you are part of a traditional real estate team or not.  

Powerful systems

Have full (and free) access to our system that not only manages all of the office leads, but you can use it to manage yours as well.   And we can’t see your database.  You built it, you cared for it, it’s yours.  But it does a lot more than just manage your leads.  You can see your client files and manage documents, track activities and correspondence, and easily see what’s due so you don’t miss anything. It's your CRM, your lead manager, your transaction manager, your business dashboard, and more.  Plus there’s an easy dashboard to see your production, as well as what’s coming into the merit system pool and what points you have so you can tell what bonus to expect.  We think it's pretty sweet and our agents do too.

At BloomTree we know there’s a lot more education than just CE

Let's be honest... Only keeping up with continuing ed isn't going to keep you current as an agent, let alone be enough to help you rise to the top.  You need a lot more than that to be an outstanding agent, so we give you as much of it as we can.  Our Master Series Training includes business and financial education, marketing for yourself as well as your properties, social media, search engine optimization, industry trends, technology, and then some.  The Total Agent Business System is there for you too.  It’s all about helping you to plan your business, and not just how many leads you need to get, and how many calls to make.  Real business planning, how to stick to it, and the software helps you to easily see if you’re on track.  If you’re not, we’re here to help with that, too.  We sometimes open our training courses to agents outside the company, too.  You can see if there are upcoming ones here or sign up to get notified when new courses are scheduled.

Get some good karma in your bank account.

No, our compensation model isn't at the heart of what we do here.  But it is built around everything that we believe in.  We offer an industry standard base commission split, but above and beyond that you have the opportunity to earn much more just by doing what most of our agents do anyway.  A portion of the company side of each transaction is set aside to go back to our agents as bonuses for anything from teaching and mentoring; from volunteering in our community to attracting other agents to come and work with us; and from maintaining outstanding client reviews.  We're not talking about chump change here.  High producers are able to cap out, and combined with the additional bonuses it's possible to earn more with BloomTree than you put in.  Yes, that sounds pie in the sky, but by mentoring or teaching our other agents, the bonuses you earn more than pay us back with the growth of others.

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